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About Our Team


Our team is student driven. This means that the students are actively involved in every aspect of designing and building. While we rely heavily on guidance from our corporate mentors, we believe that students learn by doing. FIRST is about a hands-on engineering experience. It is an opportunity for students to work with professionals in a real world setting. 



Our goal is to create a robot that the students know inside and out, built from the collective efforts of each member of the team--students, or corporate engineers and technicians.



Since its inception, Team Horsepower has expanded to include members from Merritt Island High School, Edgewood Jr.Sr High, Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High, and home school students. 



team801contact@gmail.comPlease email for more information about joining our team. 




Team Horsepower is the FIRST Robotics team for schools located in Merritt Island, Florida. The team was started during the 2001-2002 school year by a group of dedicated students and mentors. Since then, we have faced many ups and downs, while continuing to perform better and better each year. 









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